Cryostasis 1

by XR Tabs

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Physical copies of ''Animal Psychic'' come with an illustrated book that has one illustration for each track on the album. Together, the images and the music tell the story of a penguin on a space mission to Pluto to investigate strange goings-on.


Dreams aren't supposed to be possible during cryogenic sleep. If you experience something of this nature contact mission control immediately. You will recieve special instructions.

The downside to cryogenic sleep is that while you are [asleep] the brain is dormant, defenseless and especially vulnerable to psychic violence.

In several documented cases , resuscitated crew were reported to come out of cryo-sleep with their minds utterly replaced by something that could only be described using crude metaphors.

You are invited to imagine numbers that think. Living data with an agenda of it's own. Absurd and quite possibly evil. Information that changes itself and becomes new information which becomes known, embedded in the subconcious, and eventually actual physical manifestation. At first confined to a small slice of brain tissue, . the [alien] undergoes a metamorphosis and begins assimilating previously unused portions of the brain which become hypercharged.
Even if the human vessel survives to this point , there's still no chance whatsoever of saving them. And your chances of saving yourself won't be much better if you remain within range of [the alien

In one documented encounter with these meta-beings , one member of a victimized deep space crew intentionally breached the hull of their ship, which effectively killed him and everyone on board.

Dreams during cryogenic sleep are one of the early warning signs that you have been targeted for psychic violence and eventual invasion/psychic death.

HOWEVER- If this crisis is treated properly and quickly your chances of surviving increase ten-fold.

Defensive and even preventive steps can be taken.


Your ship is built with a very advanced and very sentient computer that is equipped with a DNA based CPU. It sees and hears and contemplates everything on board and everything within range of the deep space sensors and probes.
More importantly, the ships computer is not only ''alive'' But it is also capable of utilizing it's own telepathic arsenal. This higher-tech is experimental and in it's first early stages, but the results are promising
One countermeasure that proved to be effective during psychic attacks was to use the ship's computer to establish telepathic '' firewalls'' around the targeted brain during or as close to the actual cryostasis period. The computer's other psychic abilities are so hard to describe that they can only be understood using telepathy itself.
So it is important to stay focused on your primary mission objectives. Get to Pluto. Find out what the hell is happening to it.


released February 6, 2014
Radcliffe Cooling - - - -

- - - - sound design / samples / loops / guitar / // ring modulator / filters



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XR Tabs Providence, Rhode Island

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